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Hosting a YSFlight Server behind a NAT

07 May 2022

Hi Guys, Today I’ll show you how to host a YSFlight server when you’re behind a NAT or a firewall. We all know to host a YSFlight server we need to port forward our 7915 port and blah blah; but the problem is most ISP’s in India don’t allow port forwarding for free(Only few like Airtel, BSNL allow). Also if you manage to port forward the IP isn’t constant. You can use DDNS service but it’s eh. Also it’s more secure since your real IP is masked; meaning nobody can see your real IP. Do note that you may get higher ping than the port forward method.

So I will teach you how to use a free “gamer friendly” tunnel software called “” to host a YSFlight server.

I’ll be using Linux for this tutorial. Things are almost the similar on Windows:

  1. First, Go create a account on
  2. Now go to Downloads and download the required .exe/executable. Downloads Page
  3. Now go to Accounts tab and to Tunnels settings. Select Custom. Downloads Page
  4. Now set local ip to, local port to 7915(Or whatever port you use) and protocol to tcp Downloads Page
  5. Now click on Add Tunnel. Downloads Page
  6. Now you will get the IP and port of your YSFlight Server. Downloads Page
  7. For Windows users : Go to Explorer and open Downloads folder(Or where-ever you downloaded it). Now open type cmd in the address bar and type playit in the command prompt. It should run the tunnel.
    For Linux users : Open Terminal and type playit. It should bring up the dashboard.
    Note : It may ask for Signing In. Just follow the on-screen instructions or dm on discord if you have any issues Downloads Page
  8. Good Job! You have succesfully created the tunnel to your YSFlight Server. Now just start the YSFlight Server and connect to the IP you got in step 6.

That completes my tutorial! Have fun playing with your friends! Please DM me on Discord if you think my tutorial was hard or if you have any suggestions or if you’re having any issues.